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Originally Posted by genshi ➡️
So, you're not afraid of modular, but you admit to having no self-control?

Seriously though, if you want the sound of Elements, you should get Elements, simple as that. Despite all the "suggestions" people have thrown out, I haven't found any other synth/drum machine that can do quite all that the Mutable Instruments Elements can do (again, see the video I posted and try to find any other hardware synth that can do that!)

It's not that hard to just build a small modular setup and stop at that. By saying that "once you enter the world of Modular, your GAS will skyrocket" well isn't the same true of just synths in general? Sounds like you are already "gassing" for something other than what you already have in software...

Modular is just another type of hardware synth, the difference being, it's more flexible so you can expand down the road when you are ready... where as with fixed synths, you think you only need "that one great big synth that will do it all" but you will eventually get another big fixed synth that can do it all, then another, and another... and that's way more expensive than buying a bunch of little modules. So actually, over time, Modular will SAVE you money, and give you a wider sonic palette.
Wise advice. You can't afford not to!

One thing I'll add, as a devil's advocate (Now that needs an emoji), is that modular has a non monetary cost that isn't spoken of that much. Time. I'm just dipping my toes in the kiddy pool of modular (System 1m/Mother 32) and I do already see that the format begs for experimentation in a way that fixed synths do not. Different than software modular too, in the sense that at least after I'm done building a patch in Reaktor I can make a bunch of snapshots for it and return to them. At that point it becomes no different than any other software synth. I personally want to revisit sounds all the time. I kind of feel that "curating" the instruments in a piece is a big part of the process, and with modular, one of the instruments tends to be tabla rasa or something other than what you want next. Think of it like decorating your new home, but one of your paintings is an Etch-a-Sketch and it always gets shaken blank by the movers so you just don't have to think where you're going to put it, you have to remake what it was showing if you want that again. (You may not) So, for me, that helps put the "breaks" on how large I'm going to let this get, if I let it get any larger. I probably will, or at least make it different than it currently is. I don't foresee myself letting it get too out of hand though, G.A.S. or not. The ability to work nimbly and fast is too important to me to let it get out of hand. The main benefit to me, and I think the OP as well, is in the fact that I made a synth that no manufacturer would have made me.