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Originally Posted by genshi ➡️
Incidentally, just in case you didn't know... that person that gave you such great information, pichenettes, is none other than the founder of Mutable Instruments and creator of Elements... and he is brilliant at what he does.
Really! No, I didn't know that. Awesome!

I honestly consider getting one of these, but like I've said before, I will have to try one first. The next store that might have one is about 8 hrs away, so on some occasion it's going to happen.

I'd have two little questions about modular though (no experience at all, sorry),
1. are they all monophonic and 2. could I control the Elements using the CV outs from my Minibrute, for example? It has Gate and Pitch out. I see the Elements has Gate in... and Midi is out of the question, I gather.

Sorry for those noob questions, I'm more knowledgeable about subtractive, traditional keyboard synths and the musical side more than the tech side, but even though this side of synthesis is new to me it's great fun to explore.