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Originally Posted by genshi ➡️
So many people are so needlessly afraid of the whole modular thing... but if you are serious about synthesis and sound design, you probably should look into modular eventually, there's a whole world of things that can be done with it!
On the contrary, I'm not afraid of the modular thing, it's just that that I know myself, once I enter that world my GAS will skyrocket!

I'm very impressed with what I hear from many examples of modular gear, and I feel that Mutable Instruments have nailed it with most of their modules. So I don't exclude it for the future, at all. My question was to find out more about gear that's available out there and that I don't know about yet. Also, where I live I have no opportunities to try out any gear, so maybe I'm afraid of investing in something that potentially is very specialized... once I travel somewhere and test it for myself I can make a better decision whether this stuff and approach is for me or not. It's an easier decision with something like an OB6, modular gear seems to be much more "out there".