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Old 8th July 2016
If I may suggest a different approach, mixing elements of AM, FM, and Subtractive synthesis can do a lot of those sorts of things using fewer components. So, for instance, two FM operators -> Filter -> FM operator can be quite expressive, and doing various combinations and variations on that theme can get all sorts of "Modal" synthesis sounds. The Kurzweil PC3 is great for this because a.) it's basically a digital modular, and b.) you can save/iterate and thus refine your model for whatever sound you're trying to create. Most sounds like this take between 1 and 7 "Layers" in the PC3, which is much more efficient than, say, a whole bunch of bandpass filters. If you throw aliasing into the equation you can get even more mileage for cheap. I've gone down this road primarily pursuing "real" instruments, but it has lots of potential far beyond anything that currently exists in the physical world.

Edit: Adding, combining this with samples is sort of a 21st century approach to "LA" synthesis.

Edit 2: Here's a video showing some of this stuff, tutorial-style: