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Originally Posted by TheGreatBelow ➡️
Hi Charlie, i have a question. Was there any contact between Trent and all the NIN Crew and Alan Wilder (ex-Depeche Mode member and creator of the solo project Recoil) during the Fragile era? This is a question that stuck in my head for a little while since i heard that the Recoil album "Liquid" was playied before some concerts
We were friendly / friends with the DM guys, and at one point there was talk of Dave Gahan doing some vocals on the ill-fated "Tapeworm" side project, but we never really collaborated with those guys per se. Big fans of their stuff for sure, but it never really panned out for us to work together. The grand plans we had for Tapeworm would have had epic possibilities for sure - the list of potential singers we all liked included Dave Gahan, Maynard, Dre, Everlast, Phil Anselmo, Bowie, Jaz Coleman, Page Hamilton, Zac De La Rocha, Richard Butler, Manson, with Trent on most every song. And All That Could Have Been.... indeed. Oh well, next time.