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Here for the gear
Just want to share my first impression of Little One 16 passive summing box with 2 x stereo to mono options.
I am just plain knocked.
If your tracking chain is good but mixes sound muddy, boxy, thin and narrow compared to big production hits that's the remedy. Like everyone else i've noticed that mix is much clearer and wider, instruments more separated and focused. I also have noticed that i'm using less outboard and plugins. Seriously. If you choosing between good compressos or eq (good means ADL, SSL etc) vs good summing box (you would need audio interface to support that too) without hesitation go for analog summing - you won't be dissapointed if you want your mixes sound 3d.
Also box is quiet as a mouse. I was little afraid to pick some noise on the way. But no - it's just way superior to digital bouncing and that's all!