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Originally Posted by Roland ➡️
To record the players "stealthily" particularly after it's been made clear that they refused, is imoral and illegal.

I would never hire anyone whom I knew had been party to such a thing, I couldn't, these people are my customers. Suppose five years down the road you got a serious recording session (union members) you could find that they refuse to work the session unless you were replaced, and who could blame them?

Put it this way, would you record a band that after a session took the master and didn't pay the studio bill?

Regards to all

As quoted by ctms777 "Nevertheless; I would have kept my mouth shut in advance and just put up the mics, nobody would have noticed."

Now that it is out in the open that this IS to be sold, I can understand the orchestra's decision: if this were merely for an archive, I'd stand by my earlier post.

In any case, I'd still entrust someone to 'document' the event for the benefit of the choir...

BTW, there is a difference between having morals and being assholes. heh