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Angry Stupid arrogant orchestra - Need to vent...

I was supposed to do a recording for a choir of about 100 people this weekend, Bach's St. Matthew Passion, which they've rehearsed for for months... This recording had been planned since last year, and I had kept the date free for it.

Now all of a sudden, the orchestra (who have tolerated another person recording before) decide they do not want this recorded.

They seem to have come up with a weird assortment of reasons, all of which seem to conceal the real reason (whatever that may be, they didn't really tell...). There were some crappy technical arguments (that bespoke of their utter ignorance), and possibly a fear that this recording would be sold/publicized illegally. There was no way to discuss these things directly and openly with them.

Apart from the fact that I lose a lot of money, I find it absolutely intolerable that they simply make it impossible for (up to) 100 choir members to get a document of this event (which is not something a choir does every year).

And of course it's a big loss for me. This is an orchestra that would be simply unable to survive if it weren't for heavy state subsidies of all or most concert events that they play. You can not make money with classical music concerts here (except for gross travesties like Helmut Lotti, Andre Rieu or such tripe). And while they happily rake in their fee, they won't let others have a share. (If I hear something about the sacred art of music vs. the evil commercial/technical recording, I'll scream), And it's not even their concert. They are really just a bunch of hired fiddles and winds (and the vocal soloists). But it's the choir's event, first and foremost. They have planned it, they've rehearsed it, they are paying for it (from their annual budget plus whatever subsidies). Only to be told by some hired musicians that they can not have a document of it. Isn't this absurd? No one goes there to listen to this particular orchestra or even the soloists. It's the event as such and the local choir that draws the audience in a concert like this.

I'm really mad, and certainly not just because of the money I lose. But I'd bloody sue them if I could.

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