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Originally Posted by Palaver ➡️
Hi all,

Where does this sit in terms of the pro audio world? I know specs are far from the full story, but with parallel conversion paths, does this interface compete with the Symphony? Or is it more prosumer (T-Bolt Ensemble/UA Apollo)? Would a mastering facility use it (for its converters)?

Interestingly enough, Chris Lord-Alge seems to be using RedNet for his consoles and printing the 2-channel mix using a Symphony.

After checking the Focusrite page, these (RedNet) boxes seem to be famous for setups requiring huge channel counts such as touring rigs (as opposed to smaller high-end studios).

I guess I may have to test this box against some competitors for some answers...



I don't think he uses Apogee anymore as that was like before he got the RedNet system recently. He was still using the Sony digital tape machine at the time and then printing the outs of the sony playback to Protools via Apogee Symphony. Because when you think about, why would he be using more than one converter for his Pro Tools? I believe that's where the confusion is. He actually uses the RedNet 5 Protools HD Bridge and the RedNet I & II Converters. Pretty much went Focusrite all the way. Hope that makes sense. The RedNet Converters are pretty top notch high end with Larvy, MyTech, Lynx... In fact the USB Forte interface is based off the flagship RedNet system as it shares many of the same electronic components esp the same remote control Rednet 4 Pres. While the Red 4 Pre is a hybrid version of the RedNet. If you notice, the Red 4 Pre inherited the same software display from the Forte interface display. I would say it's more Pro Audio or both with all those I/O's that no one can really compete on with Dante. It Interfaces well the existing RedNet system. You can use it as a standalone converter I guess but, there are many mastering grade converters have dynamic ranges higher than 120 (db) A weighing. but at 121 (db) more than enough. The Rednet operates at 119 (db) both in and out. The Forte even operates at 117 (db) in and 118 (db)* out "equivalent to the Apollo Twin" converter performance as well as the clarett line operating 118 (db) in and 119 (db) out. Pretty much expect all modern higher end converters to operate in that range now a days with very low noise floor while competition heats up.

No Apogee in the video.