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interesting. Focusrite seems to be making their way up to high end.[/QUOTE]

Lol dude Focusrite has been making high end equipment since day one. FYI Focusrite is one of Rupert Neves second and last company he started as its the little brother to Neve Electronics. Focusrite use to make those million dollar large format Mixing consoles back in the day as Rupert Neve sold his Neve Electronics company in 1985 and started Focusrite the same year. He sold Focusrite and his assets in 1989 to Sound craft founder CEO but they continued to make large format consoles in the Early 90s. You seem to be way too focused on the Safffire/Scarlett range as the RedNet, ISA, Forte, Liquid Channel are very high end products that Focusrite has made way before the Clarett and RED 4 Pre. The RED line was oringally made in 1995. Then you have the Blue line, high end Mastering grade Converters, EQs, Compressors... Focusrite is one of those big names like Universal Audio when taking about serious Pro gear. Chris Lord Alge uses the Red 3 and the RedNet Converters! Just thougt I give you a run down History of the company if you may not know.