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Originally Posted by Roger_Linn ➡️
Hi-- I'm the maker of LinnStrument. It's not actually a touchscreen because a touchscreen can't sense pressure. The touch surfaced is a molded silicone rubber sheet with 200 raised square pads of 17 by 17 mm, spaced 19 mm apart (with 2mm indented channels between them) because this is the average spacing of fingers. The rubber is slightly soft and translucent so the LEDs below can shine through. It senses 3 dimensions of each finger's movement, polyphonically, for independent control of note loudness (pressure), pitch (left/right) and timbre (forward/backward). The main reason for the stringed-instrument note arrangement is that a piano note arrangement doesn't permit sliding from note to note. You can learn more at Roger Linn Design. -- Roger Linn
Hi Roger

Thank you for posting and providing additional information, I am a big admirer of your work going back to the first drum machine and Linn 9000!

How would you describe learning curve for a skilled guitarist with some keyboard skills? I am truly inspired by the design but concerned about the time it would take to become fluent and expressive. And that being no reflection on the design but more on the limits of my own free time :-)