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Of course, I am highly against "courses" because I learned the craft of recording and production well before there were schools that claimed to teach the stuff.
I also taught for a while at a recording school.
I won't name the school, but it is a "name" school.
It wasn't worth the money even if I personally tutored you.
I moved to another position because I felt guilty and didn't want to be associated with something that took money from people and implanted false hope.
Of my 20 or so students, I got one guy a job in the dub room of a radio/TV production facility I worked for.
I liked the guy and thought he had a good attitude, so when my old boss asked me if I knew of anyone I suggested this guy.
I have no idea how he did in the long run.
He got his foot in the door at a facility where I earned a decent salary for nine years.

I have seen a few people go on to have a career, but the school (usually Full Sail) only gave them a rudimentary understanding of the business and the craft as a whole.
They succeeded because of their own strengths.
The courses they took had very little to do with their success.

I have little respect for Berklee as it is.
I could name many reasons, but the fact that they offer "vocal lessons" on video just proves that they are shameless.

You can't learn to sing by watching people sing!
You can WATCH people singing everywhere on TV.
Singing is a physical experience and you absolutely must have a vocal coach physically show you how to work your instrument.
Yeah.. they had to touch you.
The BS they show on the videos is at best stolen from university level textbooks.
Either hire real vocal coach or line the pockets of shameless teachers and schools.

If you want to get a music degree that MATTERS in the real world you need to go to a university where simply paying the required tuition DOES NOT guarantee that you graduate.
You see, EVERYONE who pays the required fees and passes the classes gets a diploma at Berklee.
At real music university you don't advance until you meet the performance expectation.
If you don't perform good enough you don't advance.
If you are not good enough you don't get a diploma.

I short, you can buy your degree from Berklee and some schools.
The schools where you diploma means something (ie. will get you hired to REAL job) they don't give you a degree unless you actually are quite good at your chosen instrument.
There is a BIG difference.

Also, computers being used in production have been a license to steal for mail order schools.
I don't want to hurt anyones feelings, but if you pay money to learn how to use ProTools you are crazy.
Buy it... DO IT!
Sink or swim.