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Old 26th January 2016
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Acoustic Guitar Samples - GZ67fet, GZ47fet V, Warbler MKIV D

All microphones were in cardio pattern, no pad, and the filter switch was on. The capsules were as close together as possible and at the same height and depth. I set the gain on the mics to be equal on the way in. The GZ67fet and GZ47fet V were at the same gain setting while the MKIV D needed to be set a little higher. All three mics recorded the same take.

The mics were pointed at the 12th fret. The guitar was about 25" away from the mics. I did some strumming and fingerstyle. The guitar is a Taylor GC 12fret all Koa with Martin Retro (monel) strings (12s). An Ultex .73mm pick was used on the strumming samples. My finger nails and pads were used on the fingerstyle samples.

While there seemed to be a clear difference in these mics when tracking vocals, I've listened to these samples and it is hard to tell the difference between them. So much so I went back in exported the samples again to make sure I hadn't just exported the same thing over and over again.

The samples are uncompress aif files.

Warbler MKIV D (voice 1)


GZ47fet V