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Originally Posted by Ragan ➡️
I have the Teal CM-1 here and have had a lot of expensive and cheap mics through my studio. That CM-1 is a better mic than anything I've seen anywhere near that price. It's got a better top end than any cheap edge terminated mic you're gonna find out there.

Just my opinion of course but I've had a lot of mics in the sub ~$2k range so I do have a lot of context, for whatever that's worth to you.
I agree with you. its good for 100 dollars and theres a lot more expensive mics that give a crappy overall sound too that i dont like but the cheapy 100 dollar sound characteristics are there so obviously you have to pay more for quality even if its the mighty hype train werblahfrghbjfb. i think some of the extremely expensive mics around here by akg (especially) and neumann get way too much hype when honestly they sound so bad that these warbler mics actually do walk all over them.