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Originally Posted by dragonfly66 ➡️
This is a sample of vocals on three miss from 3U Audio, Warbler MKIV D (voice 1), GZ67fet, and GZ47fet V. Only the vocals were recorded with these mics. All microphones were in cardio pattern, no pad, and no filter. The all capsules were as close together as possible and at the same height and depth. I set the gain on the mics to be equal on the way in. The GZ67fet and GZ47fet V were at the same gain setting while the MKIV D needed to be set a little higher. All three mics recorded the same take.

The singer is female, alto, and stood about 25" away from the microphones with no pop filter. The song is Gary Clark Jr.'s The Healing.

The recording room is an office that is treated with Auralex foam squares and bass traps.

I'm a novice at tracking, mixing, mastering, room treatment, mic placement so my inexperience may show.

The samples with just the vocals have no effects, however I did noticed the music from the headphones bled into the recording . The samples with the vocals in the mix has some compression and reverb, nothing else. This was a quick mix effort. These files are uncompressed (about 18MB, 1:09 minutes) so may take a minute to load depending on your internet speed.

Warbler MKIV D (voice 1)
In Mix

In Mix

GZ47fet V
In Mix
Great clips. Really helpful comparison. I'm with KV. That GZ47FetV is smoky delicious. They all sound good and totally workable, but I love that mic on her voice.