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Originally Posted by daxmaestro ➡️
Ohh. Didn't realize that. Weird that an update would take it away. Have you contacted them? It worked on my usb 3 ports on my Asus laptop.
They replied after Xmas / NY break.

Gave me a link to the V1.0 64 bit Windows driver. It works, unlike the V1.1

I strongly suggest that anyone who has this interface does not touch V1.1 64 bit.

Link they gave me for V1.0 64 bit Windows is here, for anyone who had the same problem as me. I requested that they either take down or fix the 64 bit drivers, hopefully they will.

Still recognises USB3 ports as USB2, though.

Now that I have it working, I have to say, the headphone amp / output is really crap ... not that I was expecting anything great. Its job on the mic seems decent .. but I won't get the low latency until it recognises USB3.0 ports.

Their MixFx software could do with better documentation, and the dials in it are really unresponsive / twitchy.