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Originally Posted by kidvybes ➡️
I thought I'd help out Ragan and post his sound-files for him...

Warbler I (vs GZ67) Vocal

GZ67 (vs Warbler I) Vocal

Warbler I (vs GZ67) Acoustic

GZ67 (vs Warbler I) Acoustic

Warbler I (vs GZ67) OH

GZ 67 (vs Warbler I) OH

Teal CM - 1 (vs KM84) Acoustics

KM84 (vs Teal CM-1) Acoustics

Warbler IV (vs I) Tele Dirty

Warbler I (vs IV) Tele Dirty

Warbler IV (vs I) Tele Clean

Warbler I (vs IV) Tele Clean

Warbler IV (vs I) Vocal

Warbler I (vs IV) Vocal

Warbler IV (vs CM1) Acoustic

CM1 (vs Warbler IV) Acoustic

Warbler IV (vs I) Mono OH

Warbler I (vs IV) Mono OH

Warbler IV (vs I) Acoustic

Warbler I (vs IV) Acoustic

Warbler Mk V OH Test
Thanks KV! I just got around to coming over here and was going to post all these but you've already done it.