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Originally Posted by pitchbend ➡️
I've been getting a few pm's from people needing help setting-up their Gotek usb drive emulator's to use with older roland/akai samplers, so I thought I'd post a rundown on how I got the Gotek sfrm72-fu-dl to work with the Roland W30.

First thing is to set the correct jumper settings on the drive. You set the jumpers on JA and S1.

Next thing is a pen drive formatted to FAT32 on a PC/Mac. Completely ignore the disk format tool that came with the drive. Create a folder in the root of the drive named: "IMG720K". Drop your samplers disk images in there and rename them starting with 000.IMG and going up to 099.IMG max. You can only use 99 disk images with the emulator as it has to work in "Image Mode" to work with samplers that use a non-standard and propriety disk formats(like the w30 does)

Put the pen drive in the emulator before turning on the sampler. Turn on the sampler and press both buttons on the emulator at the same time. The screen should show "B00" if you did it correctly. So basically B00 on the screen is referring to the disk image you named 000.IMG. If you want to load that image into the emulator you press the RIGHT button on the emulator. This loads that image into the emulator's internal memory. Now the sampler should see the disk once you press enter and load it.

To save something you created on the sampler to disk, you reverse the procedure. Save the disk on the sampler and it'll get saved into the emulator's internal memory. Press the LEFT button on the emulator and it will save the emulator's internal memory to the designated image that is showing on-screen(000.IMG/001.IMG/etc).

I have only found this model of Gotek drive in beige, so if anyone finds it in black, please post a link. Also, this drive and instructions are confirmed to work with the Roland W30, S-550, S50 so far. it should work with any sampler that uses 720K disks and a shugart style disk drive, but no guarantees. If you have success using the Gotek in a sampler not mentioned, please post and let others know what model sampler and what tweaks you had to do in order to get it to work.
Great info and nice one on getting is working!

Can I ask, what model of GoTek is it (or are they all the same) - reason being, I've an old Ensoniq sampler that I like but can't be doing with floppies - it uses 720kb disk as I recall (how can a disc be that small!).

I thought the GoTek that I see on ebay was a non-option as it was 1.44Mb. Will go do some googling now but if these drives can run 1.44 and 720 modes then it may be worth a punt. As far as I know the drive in the Ensoniq is standard in other respects.

Edit: After some more reading, including this thread, it seems the EPS is 500bytes/sector 800kb and the Lotharek drive or a generic GoTek with Hxc firmware upgrade (€10?) could be used. The latter route of generic gotec from china and upgrade seems the cheapest way. Might be worth a go I suppose.