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okay - here are a few clips comparing the OM1 to a sennheiser MKH20. this is just one of my wife's flute students, so the playing is a bit iffy. there are 3 sets of clips - one at about 2 feet out from the flute, one at about 4 feet out, and one at about 8 feet out. no EQ, no nothing. I did not change the recording levels between clips (didn't have time to fiddle with stuff). it was interesting watching the meters as she played - the two mics behaved quite differently according to the meters. if I get the chance soon, I will try to get some clips of flute with piano or something a bit more complex. anyway, see what you think.
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mkh20 2ft.mp3 (416.3 KB, 2810 views)

mkh20 4ft.mp3 (428.2 KB, 2595 views)

mkh20 8ft.mp3 (430.2 KB, 2569 views)

OM1 2ft.mp3 (416.3 KB, 2829 views)

OM1 4ft.mp3 (428.2 KB, 2640 views)

OM1 8ft.mp3 (430.2 KB, 2658 views)