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Originally Posted by akai612 ➡️
I got myself a Lotharek for a emax and sold that crap right after a month. I spend so much time and never got it working as it should. Once I got if finally working it messed with my samples and all my work was lost. It was awful complicated just to get to a point where it was halfway working. Also, it required a whole bunch of other software, drivers and 3rd party stuff to get the software conversion running. Keep in mind I'm a IT engineer.

Why would I pay that amout for a product that is not working out of the box? A company that gives a crap about propper support. Especially if a products needs as much knowledge to get things up and running.

If there's another more userfriendly and reliable floppy replacement it would be a blessing.
The fact that someone else hasn't stepped up with a solution should tell you something.

Consider this: There were well over 1000 different drive models made from at least 100 different manufacturers. Each maker of consumer goods incorporated the drives in different ways with different drive control circuitry. Almost every combination under the sun is out there, from non-standard formats to inverted cables to special cables that flip only a few pins. Some manufacturers switched drive types and controller hardware partway through a production run. So many variables it'll make your head spin.

Those 'solutions' that clog ebay target ONE type of drive that was used by certain manufacturers of industrial equipment. The Chinese company that craps those out has no real incentive to improve the product because it's "good enough". Easier for them to spam ebay than it is to actually provide customer support.

Jeff's work is about as far from that paradigm as you can get. For a product that basically needs to be a magic wand it's amazing that it works in as many situations that it does -- and in the cases where it doesn't work there's a whole community of people interested in finding a solution. I've seen cases of people having trouble and posting the particulars of the disk format or the drive pinouts and within a day or two a solution is found and the software is updated. A little patience and politeness can go a long way especially with what is essentially a one man operation.

Any product with moving parts will eventually fail. What's happening to floppy drives now is going to happen to CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray drives in due time. Emulating these drives with reliable hardware is still a young science. Most of manufacturers never dreamed people would still be (or want to be) using their product 30 years later.

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