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Originally Posted by steveman ➡️
That's 2 oscillators not one. One acts as a modulation source for the other using either FM or AM.
Yes it is, but when you hear one oscillator being modulated by another you're um hearing one oscillator behaving complexly obviously. Counts enough as a non-basic sawtooth, square, sine, tri for me. All I was gettin at is, I'd love to see stuff like this in more standard (and cheaper) synthesizers. The Schmidt may have stuff like that but at 20k it's slightly over most people's budgets.

Why not have digital oscillators that are for the sake of FMing analog ones? The end resulting sound would be a complex analog waveform. It could be cheap to implement a multi operator stack of say 5 going through a single DA, modulate them in every way an fm synth can, and have them make that analog waveform into a DX7 style complex waveform. Maybe I'm wrong but why would the frequency modulating waveform have to be analog? I mean a little bit of slop could be programmed in. I do wonder if the end result would sound digital from the perfection of the digital oscillator modulation, or would it retain most of the analogness of the sound from the carrier osc?