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Originally Posted by StarfishMusic ➡️
This one seems to be pretty cool in the alternate wave moduluation and fm department, but if the microbrute can have a "metalizer" for under $300 I don't see why other nonmodular synths could have similar but other options.

That's 2 oscillators not one. One acts as a modulation source for the other using either FM or AM. The DPO is based on the 70s Buchla idea of dual oscillators where you do timbral changes via FM, wavefolding, ring mod rather than filtering a static waveform.
The metalliser on the Microbrute is a wavefolder - works well on simple waveforms (like traingle...) doesn't work at all on square / pulse. Again been around since the 70s.
Neither of these are offering new analogue waveforms, they're just using already known techniques to create harmonically richer sounds.

BTW Someone mentioned even harmonics - easy, subtract a square from the same freq sawtooth, you end up with a double frequency sawtooth ie. all the even harmonics w/o the fundamental.