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Originally Posted by StarfishMusic ➡️
(....), but if the microbrute can have a "metalizer" for under $300 I don't see why other nonmodular synths could have similar but other options.
Well, the MicroBrute was Developed by this guy:
Synth DIY
who is a real DIY modular guy, so the design is rather mad for a fixed architecture synth. Then it was mass produced. Strange mixture. Highly successful, so it might get repeated one day.

More Synths with strange waveforms:
Old: Alpha Juno

Newer: Pulse 2:
- The alternate pulse (very similar to a PWM-pulse, but slightly different). Might be faked by a Ringmodulation/XOR of a non-highpassed PWM wave with a pulse 1 octave below.
- The Unison, poly... waves (cheated, it´s actually several oscillators).

Cwejman S1:

Looks like a bunch of waveforms. I think it´s just the normal ones plus 50/50 mixes of pairs of them.