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Originally Posted by synthguy ➡️
Well, there you go, you found your solution. Hopefully the Schmidt will provide that magic you can't find from anything else.

But, provide some tracks from your search or I'll maintain that you're just being a crank.
I didn't say I found my solution, or that the Schmidt nice as it ma be has much alternate waveform possibilities. And you keep saying things like magic from anything else like nohing is good for me, crank whatever.... The only crank is you, trying to wind me up I also have tons of songs in my sig but I don't care what you maintain, you could maintain I'm a unicorn.

Ya know most people that have innovated have probably been laughed at for daring to attempt something impossible or beyond the limitations of the present time. I just want something that seems like an obvious innovation honestly, and I didn't really think it even was an innovation because I thought the possibility existed and it does somewhat in modulars. From a useage perspective, and not a tradition or feasability perspective it's easy to see why people would want more choice in the oscillator department.

This one seems to be pretty cool in the alternate wave moduluation and fm department, but if the microbrute can have a "metalizer" for under $300 I don't see why other nonmodular synths could have similar but other options.