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Originally Posted by StarfishMusic ➡️
I have an fs1r, ex5, e4xt ultra, EIII and tons of softsynths. I use them in my music all the time. I have 25 years of experience with synths, including playing hundreds of digital and analog synths. I've played CS80s, and the waldorf wave. Sometimes I like a digital synth doing a straight up saw wave, but If I like digital doing what analog can do, why not the other way around?
I have trouble believing you're for real here. Like... what is it about the synthesizer world that gripes you out? Do you hate having more than one synth? Do you want "one synth to rule them all"?

It's clearly not variety you want. You have that. It's not the lack of synths and a wide variety of synth technology available on the market. You have that too.

You want an analog synth with all kinds of morphable waveshapes. So, what, you want a first gen Fairlight or Synclavier which doesn't sample, but generates waveforms electronically? A Prophet~12 or Modulus 002 isn't good enough? You don't want to "cheat" with digital oscillators?

Usually, people demand a solution for which there is no ready product. But the market is already giving you what you want, just not in one instrument. I think you're being a crank about this.