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It's always worth looking into sync if you have two VCOs. It's all too common when you have sync to do that screaming Jan Hammer thing, but you can create some beautiful sounding waveforms if you just tweak the sync'd VCO's frequency and keep it static. A sync'd sinewave or triangle wave can be an excellent way to get away from the standard four. You can create almost FM like tones without the usual tuning problem you have analogue FM.

I'm also a fan of waveform mixing - not crossfading like the Voyager et al - but simply mixing one waveform with another in different portions. The SH-101 and Junos do this and it gives both those synths so much more than synths that simply switch between the waves.

Finally, it you have two filters, like the CS30, Blofeld, Virus, etc - filtering one waveform and adding it to another filtered or unfiltered wave is brilliant.