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Originally Posted by StarfishMusic ➡️
You're right a don't give a damn about the process an oscillator or filter is made with that makes it sound a certain way. It's the certain way I care about. I like analog stuff (not only Mr Paega ) because of how it sounds and of course the immediacy of the controls. If digital could sound like that, I'd rush to sell my analogs while they still had some value!

Do you think it's just lack of digital artifacts that make them sound that certain way though? I'm fine with they sound once recorded into computer digitally so it's not the continuous wave aspect that I like then is it? There's some JUNO sais quoi about analog synths though. Could it be something besides aliasing and a little bit of drift that I hear?
Well, I go on about it quite a bit, but man, the KingKORG sounds glorious and does a great job imitating some classics. Not sure I'd sell anything too cool to get one, but it does squash my G.A.S. for a Prophet 6. It's complement of DWGS waveforms also make it a good imitator of the DW8000. Can it replace it perfectly? Probably not.

As for the source of analog mojo... there are threads and threads on that topic. Will it ever be really answered? Not sure. Even Keanu Reeves figured out he was being represented digitally. I think it's best just to find synths you like and disregard how the sound is generated.