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Originally Posted by Jon Hodgson ➡️
Well two reasons basically.

Firstly it's not really practical in a fully digital synth, and in fact completely impossible in a computer based plugin, because it works on varying the actual sample clock rate to vary pitch, your sound card is running at a fixed sample rate at any time.

Secondly, when you do use it, normally in a hybrid situation, such as with the OSCar, or the Modal, (and there were others I believe) as you increase voices your component count (and thus size and cost) soon goes up. It's harder to share a DAC between voices for example, Chris Huggett managed to get two oscillators and the control voltages he needed out of one DAC, but from their comments I believe Modal have used the same approach that Paul Maddox used in his earlier Monowave design, one DAC per oscillator. It's certainly the easiest way to get the highest quality, but it's also the most expensive.

As to why you've never heard them sounding as good as in the Modal, well the use of a DAC per oscillator could be one factor, another could be the sample size (I don't know what size they are in the Modal, most previous designs were 8 bit samples), also I don't know what size wavetables they're using.
Thanks for the info!