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Originally Posted by Dr. Jule ➡️
Wow, 6dBA! Should be quiet enough for most things.
In your experience, how much truth is in their data sheets?
...all that I can say is that the man behind this line of products has had vast experience designing mics for other brands, some of which are very well respected, so I trust that he knows his business...since this brand is so new to the marketplace, I can't speak to the fine details, but the few 3U mics that I've been testing are impressive, certainly at these price-points...

...I'm looking forward to hear other's thoughts once they have hands-on experience with these...

Originally Posted by haysonics ➡️
That is for the CM-1 which has FET input and output stages. Good FETs are pretty quiet.
...true, and he employs Fairchild FETs, which are very high-quality...

Originally Posted by guitarboy94 ➡️
Kidv sent me clips and I was very impressed. Thanks again, Kidv!
...I hesitate to post those files because they are just the initial imprompt takes of me talking into the mics, but if anyone would like to hear them, please PM me and I will send them to you...I hope to have some proper vocal tracks to post soon, and look forward to others doing the same...

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