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Originally Posted by drumstick ➡️
Thanks again... Yes, that's very helpful. I found it on Ebay... However, I noticed the seller has an ebay score of 2! Is that where you bought yours?
...No, I initially inquired directly thru the company website about the products, and then placed an order, but the mics were shipped from the same location as the units being offered on eBay... don't let the low eBay rating scare you off...the eBay seller is the owner of 3U Audio, and he has only been offering these new mics for a very short time...to be honest, it was his reputation as a high-profile design-engineer in both the Chinese and Australian manufacturing communities that prompted my interest in his products...

...I suspect, once a few other people get these mics in their home studios to work with, the word on these will spread quite quickly...reminds me of the early days of KEL Audio, another small but very well-designed, good-quality line that became very popular after people had a chance to use their products...