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Originally Posted by drumstick ➡️
Thank you for all this great information Kidvybes. I've been looking for a new vocal mic for myself and the Warbler looks like something worth seriously considering. Forgive me for this question but the u87 is so far beyond my price point I've never even bothered looking at it. Is it pretty much a once size fits all mic, where its going to sound good on practically any voice? If so, would you say the Warbler fits that same bill? I'm looking for myself to use it. I'm a tenor, I sing in the vein of Chris Cornell and Richard Patrick... If I were tracking with you, would this be one of the first mic's you'd try on me? Sorry for the cheeseball question, I just don't want to buy another vocal mic that doesn't give me the sound I want. Thanks again for all the great info!
...first, I haven't yet found a "one size fits all mic", and recommending a mic to someone casually without at least hearing them sing is precarious at best...but the vintage 87 (not the current "AI") has been a mainstay in pro studios for decades...it doesn't work on all voices certainly, but when it does, it can sound quite good...

...the Warbler (I) appears to be modeled more upon the older 87's sound, meaning it has a less articulated top-end, and the fact that it offers 3 voice-settings (progressively less bright) gives the option of possibly flattering a broader range of voices...so, it could be a good solid addition to your mic collection...

...generally when I start working with a new vocalist I put up a few mics (the usual suspects) and an 87-type is often included...most of my best vocal mics are fashioned after the Neumann classics (47, 67, 87)...if you have the kind of dynamic voice like Chris Cornell, it would be important to choose a mic that can hold that range without sounding strident or harsh...I believe the Warbler can do that, but until I get a dynamic vocalist in my studio to test it, I'm making a somewhat educated guess based on how my own voice sounds on it...

...it is a very even , balanced sounding mic, with very nice low-mids and good articulation without exhibiting any edgy-bite on the upper range, as many mics in this price class often do...I've had the JJ Audio modded V67 (also emulating an 87-style voicing) and I currently have a Lewitt LCT540 which sounds to me to be somewhere between the classic C414 and 87 voicings...the Warbler (I w/K67 capsule) compares nicely to the much more expensive ($599) Lewitt...and the Lewitt, like many of the new AKG and Neumann mics is transformerless, and largely SMC (surface-mounted components)...the Warbler has very nice PCB-mounted WIMA capacitors, Fairchild FET, Dale resistors,and other quality components like the replica 87-type 9.5:1 tranny...

...I hope that helps...I don't think you'll be disappointed at $299...
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