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I just tested the Warbler I with K67-style capsule and U87-type 9.5:1 tranny (2 bottom pics) and I like it even better than the Warbler II (47 style)...smoother on the top-end and slightly bigger bottom...this one sounds very similar to my Lewitt LCT540 ($599) at half the price...

...but the big surprise are the cheap (2 for $199 shipped) CM-1 FET condenser mics...these things sound surprisingly good (again reminiscent of KEL Audio)...the black-bodied mic has the same K67 capsule as the Warbler I, and the teal-bodied has a very nice edge-terminated C12-style capsule...both have nice quality components on the audio output segment of the circuit (WIMAs)...and shock-absorbing Capsule mounting supports...I don't understand how they can sell these so cheap...

...a big, smooth sounding C12 style FET condenser mic for $99? (if you buy the pair)...seriously, how'd they do that?

Anybody looking for a nice pair of cheap FET condenser mics (not bright or hashy at all!) check these out:
3U Audio Black CM1 Matched Pair Condenser Microphones Vocal Instrument Pro Mic | eBay
3U Audio Teal CM1 Matched Pair Condenser Microphones Vocal Acoustic Guitar Mic | eBay

Or a "sampler" option with one of each the CM-1 versions:
3U Audio Black Teal CM1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones | eBay

...the teal version with the edge-terminated C12-style capsule sounds big and smooth, with no signs of a hyped top-end (to the contrary!)...not what I'd expect from the typical edge-terminated capsule, but really nice!...almost, dare I say, "ribbon-like" smoothness...these mics remind me of the KEL Audio FET mics that had very distinct voicings, straying away from the typical Chinese hyped top-end characteristic...
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