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Originally Posted by CaptainMarc ➡️
I used to have that Antares mic modeler thing - I can't remember if I sold it or simply dumped it - anyway, I thought it was rubbish.

Otherwise, the mics from this Warbler bloke look strangely familiar, like something I've seen but not actually owned...
looks like every other u87 Chinese replica maybe! There's lots of brands that use those same components. I'm sure the mic chasis is probably used for more than just that one mic.

As far as the plugin goes I kind of agree but it's not bad if used subtly as an effect or like an eq. You can get some neat sounds out of it or some really horrendous ones. I think I've used it like 3 times in my life.

A 300 dollar mic has a hard time sounding great with one voicing so I'm highly skeptical - but that's just an assumption

If you buy this mic and it somehow turns out amazing let us know. I'm always down for some inexpensive gems out there.