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I'd be a little concerned just judging by other Chinese made u87 copies I've heard. Most of them had a tinny quality with harsh high ends.

Have you ever looked at Michael joly and oktava mod?

He's got some mods for a few different mics that sound very close to a u87, and no worse IMO, just slightly different color. They Run About 400-600 usd.

I've got him to mod some stuff and it's fantastic. Unlike the mic you posted it won't contain cheap parts and capsule. He strip all that stuff out and puts in high quality components and a really open signature capsule he's developed.

My 500 dollar mics from him hang with the big boys stand next to 1000-4000 dollar mics without question.

I have no affiliation just sharing my experiences. Best bang for buck gear in my studio, and some of best sounding, came from him.

As for the multiple voicing part have you tried Antares vst microphone mod or emulation plugin? I forget the name.. i have it and i have gotten some neat effects out of it