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Vintage Maker is for real!

I heard the Neumann Vintage Maker in my room on my system compared to a Dangerous LT and a Shadow Hills Equinox. The sound card was an Antelope Orion. Granted I was applying these summing boxes to a hybrid mix (mixed through a pair of Pultecs and BAE 10dcs) so these were not summed from the beginning. Regardless the differences were more than obvious. The Dangerous was larger sounding than the Equinox but the equinox was classier sounding. The Lt sounded like a REALLY big ITB mix which could be appealing for some styles. The equinox had nice low end mojo happening and over all but couldn't touch the sheer size of the Dangerous to me. The Vintage Maker had more width and a super classy 3d vibe to it that neither had. The VM is really flattering to the vocals. IT had the least amount of lowed comparatively however the owner of the VM said he opted for the Neumann curve with the lowed roll off. I will be buying the one with the flat transformer curves. The VM was the clear winner in my book. I am excited to order mine immediately!