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Originally Posted by UnderTow ➡️
Until you compare to the competition. 1400 gets you an RME MADI FX with 194 input and 196 output channels, an onboard 4096 channel zero latency mixer, with 3-band parametric EQ, HPF, AGC, compressor, expander, MS processing and polarity on every channel plus reverb and delay/echo sends. All inputs can be routed and mixed to any (combination of) outputs.
This is a classic anti-Pro Tools retort: Trot out a bunch of features and channel counts that are irrelevant to the real-world task at hand.

I'm talking about getting comfortably into the 40s in track count without worry about any part of the system, and what I need is a flexible tape machine. I don't need the mixer features. I like RME, but if I really need the feature set you're talking about at some point, I'm not going to be looking at something a lot more robust and not worrying about saving a few dollars.

The review you linked was written by a Cubase user, ferchrissakes.