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Originally Posted by jslevin ➡️
Thanks for clarifying. Neither is a limitation I would ever worry about. I think the 64 is damned impressive and attractive as a remote option. Secondhand Avid and Digidesign i/o boxes are so cheap these days.

Until you compare to the competition. 1400 gets you an RME MADI FX with 194 input and 196 output channels, an onboard 4096 channel zero latency mixer, with 3-band parametric EQ, HPF, AGC, compressor, expander, MS processing and polarity on every channel plus reverb and delay/echo sends. All inputs can be routed and mixed to any (combination of) outputs. Here is a review: HDSPe MADI FX interface | Reviews | Tape Op - the Creative Music Recording Magazine

The HD|Native card looks rather lame in comparison. Even HDX loses much of its luster beside such offerings.