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Originally Posted by plaid_emu ➡️
Do you have to own Komplete for these to work with say Reaktor or Absynth? What level of integrated control would you get with such complex instruments?
The Komplete Kontrol software that is the integration component between the keyboard and the individual NI products will only work with products that were installed or updated by the Komplete 9 or Komplete 10 installers.

If you owned no other NI software and bought the standalone versions of Reaktor or Absynth today, you would not be able to use Komplete Kontrol with them, even though they're technically the same versions of the products that you would get in the Komplete 10 bundle.

Also, imagine that you had those two things installed and then decided to upgrade to Komplete 10 so you could use Komplete Kontrol. You would have to actually let the Komplete 10 installer update Reaktor and Absynth (instead of deselecting them at install time to speed up the setup process), otherwise Komplete Kontrol won't even open their plugins if you try to load any Reaktor or Absynth patches.