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Originally Posted by Janesaid2me ➡️
Personally I wouldn't drop a ton here... Nice set of tung sols and I think your good... I wouldn't spend a 100 on Mullard for a compressor that's not worth that much to begin with... I had it probably 10yrs ago and remember it just being ok... If you had the vc/L then I'd say drop the loot
I agree with you! $100.00 is way too much for this comp. I saw a set of mullards for just a few dollars more than the Tung Sols. Should I go for those or are those "knock offs"?

In reference to the VCS what tier of compressors would you put it in? I was under the impression it could compete with Avalons and what not from what I read from the reviews. Would something from Chameleon Labs (7720) beat up on it?


UPDATE: If the VCS1 is worth keeping, you're suggestion for the Tung Sols seems to be the way to go. I went to some Tube forum and like you all, they raved about the Tung Sols. I also heard that Mullards (re-issue) are darker than the Tung Sols but I want something a little more "crisp" which is the vibe I'm looking for.

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