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Originally Posted by smoovemode ➡️
I just bought this Digitech VCS-1 Compressor and from what I read about it. It's pretty good. But, slutting around on here I discovered that putting in better tubes could make it sound better. So, I so them and I was shocked how much some of the tubes go for! My question is this.

What tube would be the best choice for this piece within a reasonable price range. I believe there may be russian tubes in it now as I read from the instructions. If the application matters, I will be using this for mostly two buss compression, limiting and vocals. Unless the unit is on the "clean" side I'd probably want a tube that's not too "wooly" and maybe is on the clean side until it's pushed.


BTW:How does this compressor stand up to the Chameleon Labs 7802?

Go with Tungsols for value. The Tubestore rated it well with some other ones. - Tung-Sol 12AX7 Audio Tubes

Other than that, FMR's stuff (RNLA and PBC) are full of quality and personality.