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Here for the gear
Micing a School Music

OK so whilst I've done sound for bands, I have now been given the job of doing sound for a version of Camp Rock and I'm a bit nervous about how to have everyone heard.

There are 14 characters who sing solo (or duets) and also chorus members.

The stage is approximately 10m (33ft) x 10m (including thrust) with a proscenium arch

I have a Mackie 3204 Mixing desk (Mackie - Onyx 32-4)

I have two JBL EVO Double 14 inch, and horn powered speaker cabinets. These cabinets have a power rating of 1,200 watts each and are flown on either side of the stage.

The hall holds about 300 people

The band (Kit, keys, guitars, bass) will be in a different room and will see the show via a video feed and will be miked and fed back to the desk

What i'm looking for is suggestions on mics...I have access to 14 head set mics which covers the soloists but what I would like advice on is how to mic the chorus. Any advice would be appreciate...including whether i should get any rack units for processing (compression, limiter, gate, EQ etc etc)