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Old 15th November 2014
Hi Urbangipsy!
I think you should try diffusers.
Because simply, diffusion makes music more fun.
My room has diffusers working down to about 200hz.
Below that helmholtz traps are doing there magic.
I´m always carefull with absorbers, but i have used some to fill the gaps between diffuser modules and helmholts traps. Because i also like my room to look good :D
I have diffusers on all of my reflection points.
In my opnion reflections aren´t a bad thing, they are your musical friends. Don´t treat them badly! Using broadband diffusers like i have in a small room works great.
Im sitting quite near my diffusers and have my speakers very close to them.
If i put absorbers on my reflection points the musical magic is gone.

My room sounds great! Clear,tight and has a lot of detalis. When tuning my room i have been crawling and climbing everywhere to listen. My room is extremely even all around. In the back of my room there is a very small bass lift. Best heard if i play pink noise. If i compare that with for example my living room at home where i can hear massive difference just by moving my head 1dm.
I have just got rid of my large console which caused a lot of problems. With that large furniture between me and my speakers gone it got much easier to tune my room.
Now no phasey sound. Just clear and tight with a lot of details. Earlier i could find places in my room where it sounded boomy and bass heavy like for example in the 3 corner below the speaker. Thats a quite unsual place to listening to music, i know!
But now i can if a get a feel for it :D
My sweetspot is now my room, not a position!

I have built and tuned my room my self with guidence from Matts at SMT over phone and mail.
Good luck and dont be afraid to use diffusion in your small room. Even though it may not be the gearslutz way, your ears will thank you for it!

Here´s som pictures of my room and mesurements.

Best regards Johnny
DrHans Studio
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