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Old 12th November 2014
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I've clocked the SPL Madison to the EVM4222PCM module, taking a complicated route via the HDSP9632 and the DA24MK2 via ADAT and then the WC out: Corr Depth: 80,8 dB (L), 84,0 dB (R.

RMS is on par with the Forssell, though the differential from the latter is more even.

I would be very interested to see a combination of Forsell DAC and EVM4222EVM.

The Madison's DAC is very much improved by this new clocking arrangement, the top end is still slightly agressively sparkly, but otherwise it sounds great. Dynamics are there, detail is there, it sounds very open and alive. The cardbox-y bass and cluttered midrange are gone.

The data is helpfull, but it alone does not tell the story. But listening to the difference file with a good converter (with the data in mind) gives a very good idea about what is happening in the DAC-ADC loop.