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Originally Posted by Karloff70 ➡️
That's exactly how I hear the old 8000, but for some reason the Symphony doesn't make as much love to my ears. It certainly doesn't hurt either, but the 8000 has a truly musical euphonic effect which the Symphony can't match although providing more real estate. To me.
I dig it a lot, as I said, I like the clarity,
crystal clear noiseless sound with a black background, but not at the compromise of any musicality,
when Apogee first told me about the Symphony, they had pushed to me that they have improved the performance, linearity, clarity, transparency of their design.
To my delight this converter does indeed sound "clearer", wider and deeper than the 16x's...Much better headroom. My mix downs thanked me.

The Symphony's clean sound never distracts me from hearing its smooth as glass glow! I compared it to my Old Rosetta 200, the top end on the R200 sounded "granular" and had way more "electronic glare" to it. Way less bottom end extension. The Symphony sounded softer and sweeter to my ears,