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Old 30th September 2002
Smile Greetings to all Gearslutz out there

Steve Remote from Aura Sonic tuning in. As you may already know, I'm's October 2002 guest moderator. We'll be discussing the mobile and location production side of the sound recording industry.

I love! And I hope to bring you some insight on the world of remote recording a la Aura Sonic Ltd.

During the October month, I will schedule a few sessions to discuss and test out a few audio recording concepts. My "virtual gobo" mic'ing technique, stem mixing for live recording and a shoot out with various products under "live performance" conditions will be included in the October sessions. A select group of Gearslutz will be invited to these session. Our process and findings will be posted for your review. More information will follow very soon.

This audio forum is only as good as its contributing participants... Got anything important to say? Or maybe a question or thought you can bring to the table about location recording and/or recording live? An enlightenment of any kind would be great. How about an embellishment of sorts? Keep me posted. I'm all "gearz," I mean, "ears."