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Originally Posted by Chris Kress ➡️
I wouldn't be embarrassed to ask to re-cut / punch the louder sections (if you have to), packaged with a compliment that "Your voice is so dynamic and powerful" unless they complain. Try to ride it first. If there is no music track and it is solo voice only, then you are out of luck there.
My suggestion is to set your pre-amps with a fair amount of headroom. Do not ride.

Save your retakes for tuning and tone concerns, not for levels ! There will only be so many takes before the voice begins to fatigue.

You will not be able to use tuning plugins, since that will kill the tone. Rock and Pop ears are not trained to hear this, but the performer or her coach will wonder what is wrong with the vibrato and what happened to the open sounding harmonics.

Do not use compression on the way in !

Do give singers complements. That is solid advice there. After everyone is more at ease then mention retakes.

If you don't have time to study classical music with a proper vocal coach , then listen to recordings. (You may think I jest, but after studying classical voice you will hear and edit vocals (pop/rock included) on an entirely different level)