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Originally Posted by Young.baws ➡️
Hi, I have the TL audio Fat track with the do-8 (adat)

I had a hard time opening the FT to install the do-8 card (I had to disconnect a preamp card, and I didn't wanted 2 break it), but at the end I'm more than happy. The sound is really nice translated. (MS-10 & VXT 8 & genelec 8020a)

I use the FT for monitoring, analog summing (clean when u dont drive the machine, sweet when it u want it) & as preamp for bounces (vocals, synths, MPC 4K)

it's really nice, goes perfect with logic, PT.. The FT is the centerpiece of my studio. just wonna add a compressor for the insert connection

I assume that the do-f has the same conversion quality..


Hey Nate I just bought a fat track have not used it yet as my studio is boxed up as we just moved and are renovating. Do you still use yours and whats your verdict on it?