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DNA for NI's Molekular FX released on patchpool

DNA for NI's Molekular is a Snapshot Bank which requires the full version of Reaktor. It contains 98 presets with 4 variations each in the Morphing section, making use of the sophisticated modulation system inside this unique effect instrument. Some of these snapshots orbit more on the sonic outskirts of the musical universe, some are variations on a theme.

Beautiful ambient, ethereal, mysterious and haunting textures are waiting for you, stuttering and glitchy temposynced mayhem for spicing up loops and beats, moving Filterscapes and stereo animators to process pads and other horizontal textures as well as some experimental sounds that are beyond any categorization.

All presets have the 5 positions in the morphing section programmed, these can be used as a starting point for morphing between the complex effect modulations in each preset. Each preset also has more or less complex morphing modulations assigned.

All snapshots are programmed 100% wet for Molekular to be used on a send bus. If you insert Molekular directly on an instrument track, use the “Dry“-knob at the upper right of the GUI to blend in the unprocessed audio signal. You can view/download a PDF with more info about DNA here.

Patch categories:
  • Atmospheres – 42
  • Filterscapes – 9
  • Glitch&Stutter – 23
  • Pitch Generators – 15
  • Experimental Lab – 9

  • 98 Snaphots, delivers in the .ssf-format
    Delivery: Email
    Price: € 28 EUR
    Requires full version of Reaktor, does not work with the player version

Product page.

The demos below were produced by mainly improvising live on tape with various instruments from my own sound libraries, only using Molekular and the presets from DNA. Please also check the videos below.


And a playlist containing all videos I made for this set:

Thank's for reading
Simon Stockhausen