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Old 8th December 2006
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help me out with my echocord tapeecho please!

when i visited my girlfriends father he had an old dynacord super (echocord s 62) in his garage. pretty dusty, havent been used sine late -70..

I took it home cleened it carefully and it seems to be in good shape!
but when i went to the studio to try it out i coulnt get it to work, i dont know how to connect it! the lamps are lit and the motor are spinnig.

It worked well when he used it, but that was 30 years ago, hehe.

Its din connectors on the back labeled; instr 1, instr 2, 1, 2 and out. there are also an instr 3 (which is strange, cause there are no gain or bass/treble for that one!)

the only cables i got together with it was a din -> 1/4 jack female, and one din -> 4 rca..

here is a picture of it:

I got sound from it by connect a bass to the 1/4 jack female, and on the out din i put the din -> 4 rca, and used on of the rca to my mixer. but the sound was still there even when i pluggen it out from the wall socket, so i guess it just went through it..

Have you got one, or have used one? Please tell me how to connect it!!
thanks in advance!
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