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Originally Posted by Cerrucho ➡️
I'm also on Ableton Live 9. I'm not feeling a real need for subfolders and so far the "Auganized" workaround has solved most of the issues I was having, which were similar to the ones josephyw is having.

Thanks for all your work, Danny!
Hey Cerrucho,

Just double checked the PSP plugins you mentioned and no problems here for me...

I was on on 1.5.2 there but shouldn't really make any difference. If its definitely not there, you could try rolling back to original name and entering it again just to ensure the folders are created, but really they should be upon opening Auganizer.

Edit: Faturator is using a really really old Audio Unit framework it appears, we'll need to build in for that. Nitro has also been superseded with N20 which works just fine, grabbed the Nitro installer and it renames fine for me but I'm running 64bit version of Ableton Live so I can't test if it shows ok.